Dose: 4g
Setting: At home
Company: Nobody
Intention: Face my shadow side, open my heart, and let go of negative thoughts

I remember this journey like it was yesterday.  I’d read about doing a ceremony on the full moon in alignment with cycles of the planet to associate it with something larger than myself.  Since my sun sign is in Cancer and my ruling planet is the moon, it seemed fitting.  I did my first ceremony in February 2019.  It was a Super Snow Full Moon in Virgo and also happened to be Makha Bucha Day – a very important Buddhist festival celebrated in South East Asia.  Knowing there would be so much energy from the thousands of people gathered, it made the experience much more sacred and powerful.

I was doing a solo journey and decided to prepare four grams of dried mushrooms in a tea. I knew set and setting is important, so I put a lot of thought into it.  I had blankets and pillows on the floor set up and a fireplace going.  I made sure to have some snacks and drinks on the table nearby.  For music I decided on The Pink Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd, and it completed my playlist for the trip.  With my tea in my hands, I thanked the mushrooms for the journey I was about to embark on and for what it was going to show me.  Setting my intentions out loud, I said that I wanted to go really deep and face my shadow side, to open my heart, and let go of any negative beliefs I carried.

I won’t go deep into the details, but I received a lot of guidance from the mushrooms.  It was quite difficult at points as I encountered my shadow.  Years of repressed emotions came up and I struggled with facing some truths about myself and the world at large.  It also showed me the light, as I remember feeling so much gratitude and love for my life, my family, and my friends around the world.  I felt an overwhelming sense of interconnectedness to the moon, the stars, our planet Earth, and all life.  I released so much through crying and dancing.  I wrote down what I wanted to let go of on a piece of paper and burned it in the fire.

As the trip came to an end, I took a bubble bath to cleanse myself and wash away any residue.  It was extremely cathartic.

When I look back now at the year and a half since, the people that have come into my life and the challenges I have faced, it has all been connected and a continuation of the intentions I set that night.  The contrasts have been very extreme, from experiencing death to unconditional love.  I realised that as the cycles of life and our planets continue there will be more challenges to face. 

I am so grateful to the mushrooms for their guidance as I now have a deeper capacity to feel both positive and negative emotions.  With an increased awareness of what’s going on around and inside of me, I am more responsive than reactive to my feelings, more grounded when making decisions, and consciously able to push through discomforts that arise.  They showed me the courage and inner strength that I have always had within myself, so that regardless of the circumstances around me, I always have a choice what to make of it!

– Forest Witch