Community is a word that gets tossed around a lot by brands – it’s something to cultivate and maintain to build loyal consumers. We get it, but that’s not our deal. 

The thing is, in the world of psychedelics there is one of the strongest community bonds you’ll find – at least that’s been our experience. Those who believe in the power of psychedelics and understand it for themselves are often open minded and open hearted – bonded by the experiences they’re having in vulnerability, personal growth, and self love. Good vibes doesn’t even begin to describe the energy we’ve received.

This existing community is why we started Sero. A) it’s what brought us together in the first place but B) it’s a community that we want to give back to and immerse ourselves in. 

It’s something we hope to honour and expand, making an impact for those who may not know such beauty. 

We’ll work hard to share the powerful thinking, practices, and tools we’ve discovered and will continue discovering. And we thank you for being along for the ride.