Have you read this article? It hits. 

It addresses the current power structure of the medicinal and pharmaceutical industries. You know, the one where we’re told what to do, how to think and what to take.

It addresses how we allow this dynamic to continue by not challenging the prescription, not being encouraged to think for ourselves, and not having a broader concept of what mental well-being looks like. 

At Sero, we believe in the power of plant medicine of course, but that’s because we believe in freedom of thought. We believe that as individuals we own the fundamental right to change our own consciousness and decide what practices and protocols are best for our mental health.

A core approach at Sero is to educate and encourage our community to be their own guides. To grow your relationship with your mind and body and feel empowered to heal yourself. 

We know this may seem scary or even radical to some, but realistically you know what you need better than anyone else (if you’re open to listening). We are here to encourage you to connect with this innate ability, heal your mind, and take the power back. 

For the record, we’re not saying you should do your own surgery or go against your doctor’s recommendations every time. We also want to stress that at Sero, we are not your guides. We’re trying to empower people to heal themselves and not rely on others to heal them.