Dose: 0.5g
Setting: My back yard on a sunny day
Company: My girlfriend 
Intention: To have a good time on my first mushroom trip

So it was the first time I had ever taken shrooms.  I’d wanted to try them for a long time, but had always been a tad hesitant for some reason.  Fear of the unknown, I guess.  But things felt right so I went for it.

I was laying in my backyard on a hot summer day watching the clouds go by when I started to feel the effects.  I just sat there, riding the wave, taking in these new feelings and sensations.  It was all beautiful.

Out of nowhere, I felt something crawling on the back of my hand.  Normally I would have been quick to brush off what surely was an ant but for some reason this time I just raised my hand from behind my head and looked at it.  As I watched this ant crawl on the back of my hand I felt this over whelming sense of empathy for it.  I thought about how this ant  and I were really a lot alike. About how this ant is just trying to navigate its way threw a big, scary, unknown world and trying its hardest to do a good job for its family while not really knowing what the fuck is going on.

When I was processing all of this, I couldn’t help but relate. Really when it comes down to it, this is the exact same thing I’m doing.

I felt a deep connection in this moment, as if I was one with nature as cliché as it sounds. 

That’s when it got it, when I really understood what the magic of shrooms was. To help show you and teach you things about the universe you may be overlooking. I can’t wait until my next experience.

– Ant Man