Dose: 3.5g
Setting: First apartment in Toronto
Company: Roommate/friends/brothers
Intention: Experience music and feel all the feels

This was my second time doing mushrooms, but the first time in my res/co-ed apartment in Toronto.  We had gathered together with our roommates and friends and were all scattered around the multi-unit apartment.  

I was on the couch listening to ‘This Will Destroy You’ – a band that layers beautifully complex, atmospheric and rhythmic guitar that provokes every kind of emotion.. it was blowing my mind!  I had also just completed my first week in Print at my second year of University.  That day I had met a girl in one of my classes that I thought was gorgeous, and was looking forward to seeing her the next week.

Now, you may ask ‘what does this have to do with anything?’  Well, as I was lying there with my eyes closed, listening to the music, height of my mushroom experience, I began to see her face.  Her pretty head faded in and was grinning at me as it floated around kaleidoscope colours.  I stared at her as she stared back at me.  Soon her lips began to turn a bright red, as if she had suddenly had lipstick applied to them.  ‘You look nice.’  I thought of her to myself, as the colours continued to swirl and change around her.  Ever so slowly, she opened her sweet grin to a wide smile to reveal sharp teeth.  Out of shock I opened my eyes, laughing out loud, while her and the kaleidoscope disappeared.  I knew there was nothing to be afraid of.  Instantly regretting opening my eyes I quickly shut them, and sure enough, her floating head faded back in with the swirly colours to accompany her.  She was grinning again, as she had done in the beginning.  And again, that grin grew to a wide, sharp teeth baring smile.  Believe it or not, it was the least scary thing.. it was kind of sweet and sincere.  Her eyes seemed to stare into me and made me feel warm and happy.  Eventually she opened her mouth even wider and limbs began to appear, reaching out from her mouth in all directions.  

This entire time I was laughing in amazement – enjoying the ridiculous visuals and the music.  Eventually that visual disappeared and I moved onto others, but it was something I would never forget – that warm loving feeling from a stranger I barely knew.  We ended up becoming close friends and although we had been in our own relationships we eventually ended up dating and are currently living in our first Condo we purchased this year. Now that is romantic. 😉

– Arkm